Syme Building

Deep within the bowels of the Syme building located at 1832 Front St, lies a device so powerful, so incredible, and so revolutionary, that some have called its power – black magic. Others have claimed that it can only be the work of sorcery or witchcraft. Still others claim that this technology can only be alien.

11684418-basement-arms-smallEntering through the basement door into the crypt, wiping away cobwebs with sweating palms, eyes straining to make out coarse details, fraught with danger and the unknown, persons can hear the device – humming distantly in the background. The air is musty and humid, the smell of death and dust lofts about. Those who dare to draw closer, begin trembling, fearful for their lives. Most run, with only the bravest of men continuing to seek out the device.

Rounding around the staircase, as you draw closer, the humming becomes more rushed, louder, powerful. Hands tremble, knees quake, breathing becomes belabored, and you feel your heart racing. Still closer yet, still in the dark shadows, your eyes strain. Finally in the dark corner, you spot it!  You inch closer and closer. Louder and louder the device becomes.

Finally you reach it, most of your faculties intact. What is this witchcraft? What drives so many men mad? What is it that you have discovered?

It is…..

Hunt’s Compressor! The device used to chill and cool so many refreshing drinks to unprecedented levels creating the best tasking beer ever known to mankind!

Hunt’s isn’t just your regular everyday neighborhood bar. It is a dwelling in which stories become myths, and it’s patrons legends. The people here are travelers arriving from around the globe, the simple layman, the professional, the renaissance man, culinary genius, and artists all come together to create an atmosphere of fun, intrigue, deep discussion and banter. Or, simply do a lot of shots. Either way, it’s your night, and the opportunities with your night, are infinite.