About Hunt’s

draftWelcome to the City of Cuyahoga Falls and to Hunt’s Bar and Grille!

The city of Cuyahoga Falls was founded in 1812 by William Wetmore to develop land owned by Judge Joshua Stow of Middletown, Connecticut. It was originally called Manchester and later changed, at the request of the Ohio Postmaster General to its present name, Cuyahoga Falls. Today, the city has a population of nearly 50,000 and covers 27.8 square miles.

Hunt’s property was first recorded in 1892. The building was built in 1912 as a store front by Archie B. Syme construction (the SYME name is still visible above the front entrance canopy). Early recordings indicate the address as 214 South Front Street.

From 1912-1930 the location hosted a grocery store and eventually a pie shop.

Around 1930, Front Street was re-surveyed and the property became 1832 Front Street.

From 1946-1987 “The Glen’s” enjoyed a wonderful reputation as a family owned restaurant operated by 3 generations of the Fugarino Family.

In 1994 “Hunt’s” was established, bringing with it a warm atmosphere to casual dining. David and Leslie Hunt ran the business until David sadly passed away in 2009. Whether it be drink or food you are looking for, Leslie continues to help you find it at the SYME Hunt’s Building!